Pinterest Image Expander – Safari

Safari’s premier image zoom/expander extension for Pinterest. The larger images load in-line instead of popping out. Just hover your mouse over the photo and you’ll see it in a more manageable size.

The Pinterest Image Expander makes re-pinning quicker. No need to click the image to view the detail. The image is automatically enlarged if you hover over it for more than half a second.

If you are having trouble seeing exactly who is now following you because of the tiny avatar, or what somebody repinned because of the tiny photo, we have fixed that too! Just hover over your recent activity, and the images will pop out for better viewing. Like us on Facebook:

Tech specs:
Uses most recent jQuery script along with a 13 line jQuery script and a small css file.

Future releases:
Quick disable/enable of expander option.

"Pinterest Image Expander - a Google extension, Pinterest Image Expander takes the click out of viewing for the Pinterest surfer by expanding the image with an in-line view upon hover. This kind of tool is great for the repinners amongst us. This particular tool was created by a masterful small business pinner - Brian Noah of Noah Photography." ~

2.8 Biscotti - Improved page loading speed and scrolling. We are now only loading the larger images when you hover over each pin. This makes for a much better experience with Pinterest. No more jittery scrolling.
2.8.1 - Removed permissions in manifest.json.
2.8.2 - Added https back into the matches section of manifest.json.

2.7 Piña Colada - Add localization for Spanish, German, Italian, French, Japanese, and Chinese.

2.6 Klondike Bar - Stabilize consistency of the feed section. Before the recent activity action would run once the document was loaded. This usually works, but for some reason, Pinterest loads their feed section independently of the rest of the page. This results in inconsistency. This update now loads the code each time the feed section is hovered over, making this functionality independent of and DOM events.

2.5 Cadbury Egg - Changed hover delay to .75 seconds. Also disabled enlargement when hovering on the post, it is now JUST the image that makes the image be enlarged.

2.4 Apple Fritter - Reenforce consistency of recent activity image pop-out. Add support for image popout for "Repins from" section on profile page. Added support for pinterest hosted avatars(yes, this seems like it should be standard, but they weren't hosting avatars for a while.) Fixed video play-button bug. Darkened outline for "new pins" notification button.
2.4.1 Change extension icon
2.4.2 Fix manifest file reference for Icon.png
2.4.3 Fix manifest error.

2.3 Strawberry Pie ~ Enlarge images to 400 pixels, Enlarge pin thumbnails to full 75 pixels in the light-box view. Fixed a few minor bugs.
2.3.1 Enable usage with https
2.2 Cupcake ~ Adjust the "new pins" notifier. Minimizes the display assuming you know what the number means.

2.1 Cake Pop ~ "Recent Activity" section facebook profile image de-bug. Large image now appears instead of pixelated enlarged thumbnail.
2.1.1 Repair permissions bug.

2.0 Lemon Loaf ~ You can now hover over the "Recent Activity" section of Pinterest, and see the larger images.

1.3 Blueberry Pie ~ Fixed image resolution on initial load.
1.3.5 Fixed manifest bug
1.3.4 Fixed image reloading bug on scroll. Now ALL images load full resolution pins.
1.3.3 Load larger images for preview.
1.3.2 Button indicators now display above hovers, Fixed the comment border bug.
1.3.1 Fixed permissions issue

1.2 Chocolate Mousse ~ Enhanced to be compatible with new Lightbox style.

1.1 Macaroon ~ Temporarily deactivated zoom due to Pinterest's new Lightbox style.

1.0 Jello Shot ~ Hello World. Let's look at pins a little bigger without clicking. :)
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