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Our Pinterest Image Expander has grown quite a bit since we first started. Originally we started with  a simple Safari extension. Unfortunately Safari, although the easiest to develop for has a poor excuse of an extension gallery. It doesn’t show stats or anything, and it’s a crapshoot to even get your extension listed. So I originally posted it on my website. I have no idea how many users or downloads I have unfortunately. We then shipped it for Chrome, and received a HUGE amount of feedback, and based on numbers and growth we were able to make necessary changes to make it better.

As our numbers increased we found that it was time to develop for Firefox, so last weekend we submitted our  extension for Firefox! It is now waiting for approval and as of right now we are number 87 of 175 in the cue.

We currently have visitors/users from 128 countries and over 3700 users including our Image Expander and Recent Activity Expander from Chrome. We really hope that you like these extensions!

View a few screenshots of our users and graphs over time after the jump:

Screenshot of our global uers based on Chrome numbers

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